Human body temperature of 36.5℃ ☞ Although it is the most appropriate temperature for skin to absorb cosmetics, the temperature of the skin does not usually exceed 30℃. This puts a limit on skin improvement due to the low rate of cosmetic absorption.

· People are often dissatisfied with the fact that they cannot experience a definite skin improvement effect even when they use expensive cosmetics due to the skin’s low absorption rate because most nutritional components of many cosmetics oxide or evaporate into the air in addition to other factors.

· Creation of the eco-sheet self-heating patch was designed to be easily and conveniently used without the use of expensive equipment, electric wires, or hot wires while applying heat in a healthy, simple and convenient manner.

Although the body temperature of a person is usually known to be 36.5 ℃, since the skin temperature of a person is generally determined by the temperature of the environment, it does not usually exceed 30 ℃. This is the reason why we have a problem in absorbing cosmetics that we use every day. In addition, the optimal skin temperature to absorb cosmetics is 36.5 ℃ ~ 37℃. However, since it is difficult to raise the skin temperature of the skin itself, we have created this self-heating patch that can easily, conveniently and healthily raise the skin temperature.